Luca De Feo

Research Staff Member

IBM Research Europe

Saümerstrasse 4
CH-8803 Rüschlikon

Black and white Luca sipping a glowing golden drink.

Recent papers

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Lecture notes and theses

Selected software

  • SQISign, C/libpari, 2020,
    Compact post-quantum signature based on isogenies.
  • √élusqrt, C/Sagemath/Nemo/Magma, 2020,
    Asymptotically fastest isogeny evaluation and CSIDH implementation.
  • Isogeny VDF, Sagemath, 2019–2020,
    Isogeny-based Verifiable Delay Function (PoC).
  • Sagemath, Python, 2009–present,
    I am a modest contributor to this great software. Use it!.

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Current research students

  • Ryan Rueger, ETH Zürich, MSc.
  • Giacomo Borin, IBM / Universität Zürich, PhD.
  • Sina Schaeffler, IBM / ETH Zürich, PhD.
  • Pierrick Dartois, IBM / Corps des Mines-Télécom / Inria, PhD.

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Currently I am not giving any courses.

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